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Dear Bill Meier,

Over the last eight weeks, we've spent a great deal of time focusing on spot spraying goose grass on the greens at Scepter and we are pleased to report that we have made tremendous progress. We will continue to spot spray all of the greens at least once per week and the weaker greens, i.e. holes No. 3, 5, 8, 9, etc. twice per week. Once the cooler weather begins to hit, the goose grass will slow down and we will apply a pre-emergent on the greens throughout the season to create a barrier that will block the new weeds from popping up come spring time. Some of you may have noticed the greens picking up some speed. Over two weeks ago we applied a plant growth regulator (PGR) to shut down vertical growth and we have seen some nice results from this application.

Since we are now into a more stable weather pattern after the recent storms, a bulk application of fertilizer will be made to Scepter fairways, tees, green slopes, and roughs of all par 3s. Over the last three to four weeks, we've spent a great deal of time spraying insecticides on fairways, tees, and greens slopes to control mole crickets. We will continue to spray hot spots as they pop up. Small tine aerification on Scepter took place on Monday, Sept. 12.

The month of August was spent working on the Falcon-nine. We were able to get all bullgrass on holes No. 1 and 2 and a majority of hole No. 8 green plugged. We re-sodded the back tee on hole No. 6, the forward tee on hole No. 3, and all the tees on hole No. 8. In the last week, were able to trim back some of the oak trees on the green on hole No. 2 and we were able to put a new water cooler station at the bathroom and add two new coolers. The plan for the Falcon-nine is to continue plugging the bullgrass on greens, sod as many tees as we can, spot spray goose grass on greens and in roughs, and spray more insecticide for mole crickets.

We have received a lot of questions regarding the Falcon Watch driving range. The plan is to scalp down the tee deck area and heavily overseed it with ryegrass for the winter season. Come springtime we will re-sod the entire tee deck. Our plan is to also add a concrete slab to the back of the tee and install new mats, which would make it easier to maintain and give the range a better look. In the meantime, we will keep the mats as clean, weed free and level as possible.

Due to the increased rain activity we have experienced, you are going to notice more mushroom activity on all the greens, which is a result of all the rain we've received over the last two months. There was a period three weeks ago were we received 4.5" of rain in a four-day period. The rainfall amount from the tropical storm was approximately 10". Please be patient with us as we put your golf course back together. We will be applying a couple fungicides over the next several weeks to combat the mushroom activity.

Depending on weather, our goal is to begin to drop the height of cut on greens after we heal up from our last aerification. Recently you may have noticed rings on some of the greens. This is a fungus that we are currently treating and the greens should clear up in the next few weeks. We are currently evaluating re-grassing and returning all of the greens on the Falcon-nine to their original size. This project is being planned for execution during the summer of 2017. New orange tee placards and signage will be put together and placed out on tees by the end of the month.

We also have a few changes in the turf department to announce. Drew Summerill's last day will be Sept. 13. We are happy to announce that David Abbott, Superintendent at Sandpiper will be taking over at Scepter. Ricky Vasquez who is currently our Assistant Superintendent at Scepter will be promoted to Superintendent at Sandpiper. We wish the best for Drew and extend congratulations to David Abbott and Ricky Vasquez on their new positions!


Matthew Permuth
Director of Operations

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