2016 July

The First Tee 

Greetings from the golf shop!

What everyone wants to know is, "How this will all work out?" Any time there is change, it is understandable there will be questions and concerns.

The golf business is challenging these days as courses are all trying to find ways to survive and stay ahead of the competition. For a place like Falcon Watch with such a rich history, this change is sad in the way that we all love and cherish great memories. For those who will now have to share the tee times with the folks from down King Boulevard, there has to be a question: "Will I still be able to play when I want?"

The great news is that everything always works out. There has been extensive planning and working with captains of fixture groups to develop a master plan and it does look promising even in the busy season. While the closure period on Challenge to improve the conditions there is not official, the good news is we should be able to accommodate the play demand we have until that does occur.

For those who like to play a set of tees forward of the red, we are in the process of implementing tees which should make the game accessible and enjoyable for all levels.

You may have already noticed a new bulletin board in the Scepter clubhouse in anticipation of the need for more bulletin board space for all the groups. Please coordinate the arrangement of that space for your group with the golf shop staff.

Even more great news is now we are able to accept tee time requests up to two weeks in advance of the day of play for your convenience.

If you are accustomed to sending pairings for your fixture group, please continue to do so at tsimpson@clublink.ca and they will be posted accordingly.

In order to meet your needs and expectations, we first must understand them. In the Scepter golf shop, you may ask for a form we created to write down each and every concern so we can follow up with you to find a solution.

Make sure to reserve the date January 17, 2017 now for the Golfers & Friends Dance at the KP Veteran's Theatre. Tickets go on sale in December.

Thank you for your warm welcome and I look forward to serving you through a great golf experience at Scepter Golf Club.


Tony Simpson, PGA
Head Golf Professional