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Dear Bill Meier,

On Friday, July 1, 2016, Scepter Golf Club will become a 27-hole facility with the addition of the previous Challenge-nine at Falcon Watch. The three nines will be named: Ibis (Scepter front), Osprey (Scepter back), and Falcon (Challenge). The rotation will be Ibis - Osprey - Falcon.

The tees on Falcon have been adjusted to correspond to Ibis and Osprey distances. We have eliminated some of the tee yardages and will have white, green, red and yellow yardage markers on each hole. A forward tee yardage will also be put in place. Falcon tee markers and yardages will be 3,000 yards for the white tees, 2,821 for the green tees, 2,556 for the red tees and 2,409 on the yellow tees.

With the previous planned maintenance closure of Falcon for July and scheduled aerification on July 5, only Ibis and Osprey will be open in July. We will keep you updated on when all three nines will be operational. We have booked fixture groups for several weeks in July. Please check in the golf shop each week for your scheduled starting times as we had to rotate and adjust some times. If there are any omissions or issues getting individual tee times, please let the golf shop staff or Tony Simpson know so we can accommodate everyone.

Maintenance update from our Superintendent
On Ibis and Osprey we did a large tine core aerification yesterday. The goal is to eliminate as much thatch/mat layer as possible. This is the main reason why the greens are so susceptible to heat and drought stress as well as disease pressure. Through cultural practices, i.e. aerification and vertical mowing, we can begin to reduce that thatch layer.

We've spent a significant amount of time over the last two weeks, spot spraying goose grass and sedge in greens. We're in a catch 22 right now though as we need to eliminate or reduce the thatch layer to have healthier greens, but we stand the chance of making our weed issue in the greens much worse.

The height of cut (HOC) on Ibis and Osprey greens was raised to help alleviate the stress on the greens as we go through the summer heat and rain. These greens were fertilized on June 15 with granular and again on June 20 along with the Falcon greens. We will continue to fertilize those 27 holes every week to keep them growing and healthy as we try and eradicate the weeds.

At the end of May, Ibis and Osprey received a wall-to-wall bulk fertilizer application. A bulk fertilizer application was done to Falcon fairways and tees on June 20.

The week of June 1, we sprayed herbicides on Falcon fairways, tees and tee slopes to control broadleaves, goosegrass, signal grass, and sedges. A second application was done the week of June 13, and this week we will complete the third selective herbicide application. This should help clean a majority of the weeds in fairways, tees, and tee slopes. Obviously weed pressure is high on Falcon so it will take multiple applications, as well as a pre-emergent application to successfully remove the weeds.

On June 9 and June 13, we sprayed sencor, revolver, dismiss, and siloxane on Ibis fairways to control goosegrass, sedge, and broadleaf weeds. Tees and tee slopes were also sprayed with the same mix of herbicides as Falcon. A second application of these herbicides was done yesterday and in two weeks the third application.

On June 14, Osprey tees and tee slopes were sprayed with same herbicides on the other nines. On June 28, a second application will be made and two weeks after the second application the third application will be made.

On June 15, we began spraying holes No. 12 and No. 14 fairways on Osprey. Our goal is to get all the fairways finished over the next week or two.

Our number one goal as a maintenance staff is to continue to clean up the greens and make sure they are as healthy as possible on all 27 holes. Our second priority will be the health and continued spraying and cleaning of the fairways, followed by tees, then tee slopes and finally the green slopes. We will also make sure to keep detailed work, such as bunker maintenance/edging, cart path edging, and landscape maintenance up to par as well.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me at 813-633-1015.


Matt Permuth
Director of Operations

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